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About The Secret Academy

The History Behind The Academy

In the heart of a young boy, an extraordinary love blossomed for his mom. His love and admiration for her knew no limits. He cherished her kindness, so much so that she never rejected anything he said or wanted. He was a constant witness to his mom’s unwavering generosity, and her strength in confronting life’s trials.

But when he gazed into her eyes, he saw glimpses of countless tears from darker days. This deepened his affection for his mom and it never wavered, but, instead, only created a deeper bond filled with endless love.

At the tender age of 4, he sensed an extraordinary strength emanating from her, turning her into a cherished role model. Despite her remarkable efforts, it seemed her surroundings didn’t fully appreciate her greatness.

His mom tirelessly fought to survive, not for herself, but for her children and closest friends. Her inspiring journey became her quest to rediscover self-love, rebuild her confidence, and embrace her truest self on her brightest days

Recognizing his mom as a beacon of love and strength, this young boy pledged to carry her legacy forward in his own life.

After years of refining, adjusting, compressing, and overcoming internal struggles, he has now given life to this enchanting space you know as The Secret Academy.

As a tribute to empowering women like my dear mom, ensuring they stand up for themselves, it brings me joy to provide the essential tools and guidance so they can pursue their beliefs, happiness and cultivate strong self-confidence and an incredibly bright, fulfilling future.

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Our vision...

The Movenment of Confident Women!

Our Mission...

Be The Place Where Women Gather To Grow Their Confidence And Give Them The Courage To Choose Themselves FIRST!

core values...

...We believe in our core...

By empowering and giving women the exact tools they need on their journey will give them the knowledge to teach their own their young ones how to live with pride and stand up for themselves, we even have a complete topic about it inside the MINDSET LAB, what concequences it can have to come from an abusive home.

We are well aware that Rome weren't builded in one day, and this is going to be a project over many years, but our deeply rooted passion to serve women and make them reach their desired goal, whether it is personally, career wise or something third, we believe that we have what it takes.

This might sound silly, but if we can help ONE woman a month and on the longer run ONE woman a day, we are going to be more than happy!

  • The right tools... To get empowered and stand strong
  • The right environment.. To have a safespace and grow
  • The effect.. Our desire is that your newly regained power will give a ripple effect in your surroundings!
  • Customer Satisfaction.. We strive towards being that place with the BEST customer satisfaction!

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The Masterclass ''Assert Your Worth'' is for you that wants more knowledge in how to start choosing yourself, if it is out of interest or maybe you really are tired of neglecting yourself and believe that you are not worthy of choosing yourself!

who we hire...

...We are NOT afraid to hire you that...

  • Disabilities... Especially like anxiety, have been dealing with stress or physical issues
  • The new chance.. To start over, could be criminal background or addict from the past
  • No Education.. No problem, most of the tasks we can subcontract don't require more than hands on learning
  • The energy.. We want a happy environment among colleagues, so as long as you have the right energy, we can work with that!

The Secret Academy is an including company so if we want it to be a space for all women, then that also counts among the team behind, that helps customers each and everyday. This means we aren't afraid of disabilities, special needs and people that have had a tough past!
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