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About The Secret Community

What is it that makes our community so special?

These days where everything crumbles and the foundation you thought you had the day before was going to lift you, but then something happened you might have felt uncertain, insecure, sad or fourth thing. Right then and there it is shown that most people really need a supporting and uplifting place to vent, vent frustrations, get insights, and maybe tips and ideas for what's next?

All of that above, it's a part of the secret community, we are a community made by a woman for women. Made for support, encouragement, venting frustrations and much more than that. The secret community is going to be all that and things that you need, some others use it as a diary or an electronic journal to have others put their perspectives on our frustrations but also to be there to celebrate and scream out loud when something awesome has happened to you.

Besides that we each month make a charity auction it's always the first day on each month, and in this auction we collaborate with people inside the community, and other companies that we feel aligned with The money from the auctions are always going to go towards that charity or these charities that have been voted for!

So our loving, caring, diverse and open minded community is not just about making you as a woman secure, more confident, more happy or for you to vent. This community is also about creating the world a better place.

It can be charities like stand up for cancer, human trafficking, the women shelters, animal protection, kids that have a hard time and much much more!

When being a part of The Secret Academy, this is just one of the priceless bonuses that you get with it, we are here to create noise positive energy and maybe for you to find friends for a lifetime, because we know that is what is happening inside the community and we want you to be a part of it!

So if this just gave you an idea of something new, or if it was the push that you needed to grow and to stand up for yourself and assert your worth, we by heart look forward to seeing you inside the community!

Yours Truly,​

The Secret Academy Team

Are You Ready For The Change, Get Supported And Our Loving Community?

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If you press the botton you get directly access to create a profile and join us, so that you can get inspired, bid in our auctions for a better world, and at the same time maybe get the courage for yourself to start your own confidence journey! With all that being said, all of the exclusive content that we create is only accessable if you're a paying member.

We will guide you and follow you, hand in hand - to ensure that you are in the right place!

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